The 1930s vs 2016

The 1930s vs 2016

Postby Ace30 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:52 pm

Guns are not quite as easy to make as Alcohol, or as easy to do as to grow something.
And the fact of the matter is, guns bans work everywhere they are employed.

Here's the differences between the USA in the 1930's and the USA in 2016.
The past just isn't what some neocons claim it was,

In the 1930's, the USA was in the iron grip of "Cosa Nostra" better known as the mob, the USA could honestly achieve precisely NOTHING by democratic means until it rid itself of the Mob first... period.
And the KKK had their grip too that America had to break free of too.

Doing so, back then is nothing like it would be today if our generation was tasked with ridding ourselves of the Mob, for one thing we have technology that can prove absolutely everything about the Mob, and something else too...
In the 1930's, that wasn't America as we know it Today, and the America of the 1930's was exactly what America had to rebel against and in fact BAN in order to get to just where we are today which is far better.
They were Evil mofos back then, the average person too.
And Evil is what had the Public support back then, because just how ignorant, and evil that people in the USA was back then.

And just to go alongside the evil.... this is also true.
If it is synonymous with success, and human development and accomplishment, the USA had a smaller percentage of it in the 1930s, compared to today.

A lower percentage of people in the 1930's had an education at all whatsoever, meaning that a higher percentage of the USA's population back then was completely illiterate.
A lower percentage of people in the 1930's had a college degree, and the higher the level of the college degree, the lower the percentage of people had achieved it.
A lower percentage of people in the 1930's Joined the Military, and those who did join the Military back then had NONE of the Access to any of the services for them that exists today.

If America still operated today like we did in the 1930's there would never been a NASA.
Never, because America back then was simply not the right kind of "people" to have something like NASA.
America didn't have the brainpower in those days, and we would have never had the Brainpower either.
It's that simple.
America had to change.
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