Obama skeet shooting photo released

Re: Obama skeet shooting photo released

Postby uebermann » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:16 pm

I got to listen to my coworkers talk about this picture at lunch today and how Fox News told them it was fake so it was obviously fake.
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Re: Obama skeet shooting photo released

Postby Gremlin » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:40 pm

It wouldnt surprise me if its fake, but its nothing more then shiny object in that regard.
Its the pys-op it generates thats important.

Some will call this damage control, but just like Clinton did with his story about hunting rabbits with his dad and a .22cal, followed by "reasonable regulations" during the last major push in the early 90's. This photo is to represent that not all guns will be banished. Only that they are advocating for the English model where you can shoot at a range after an extensive background check and leave the gun in a locker at the range... and that you may be regulated down to a .22 or a $20,000 Benelli breach load sporting shotgun... after "reasonable regulations" are put in place.

You heard it here 1st, this initial push is going to result in a gun registration with the central change being a no buy list. Even the Republican broke backs are pushing something called a "BIDS" system to replace the "NICS" system. Essentially its the no fly list of guns, a secret list that you can never get off of outside of act of congress. I actually know a few players in the game on this BIDS sell out (Alan Corwin, Russel Pierce and gang). I say "sell out" because its the opening bargaining play.
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