Alexander the Great is St Mark

Alexander the Great is St Mark

Postby uebermann » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:52 pm

This forum hasn't had anything in a while, so why not.

I was watching a special on Netflix about Alexander the Great when this came up and it was something I hadn't heard before. Basically all mentions of the Tomb of Alexander the Great disappear during a time of Christian revolution when they are pretty much destroying all things Pagan. A year after this starts, a tomb for St Mark appears out of the blue. Here's the passage on that from the article:

Mr Chugg, the author of several books on Alexander, believes the confusion occurred when the warrior's body was disguised as St Mark to protect it from destruction during a Christian uprising.

"Both bodies were said to be mummified in linen, and one seems to disappear at the same time that the other appears - in almost exactly the same place, near the central crossroads of Alexandria," he writes. "It's a strong possibility that somebody in the Church hierarchy, perhaps even the Patriarch himself, decided it might be a good plan to pretend the remains of Alexander were those of St Mark.

"If this is true, then it was Alexander's remains - not those of St Mark - that were stolen by Venetian merchants and taken back to their native city some four centuries later." In fact, three early Christian sources state that St Mark's body was burnt after his death.

The source fails to mention that St Mark had been dead for over 200 years by the time this tomb of him starts being mentioned in literature. And it is about a year after the last mention of the tomb of Alexander the Great. But this would be pretty damn neat if true.
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Re: Alexander the Great is St Mark

Postby eynon81 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:05 pm

I like it. is Mark still in Venice?
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Re: Alexander the Great is St Mark

Postby The Dharma Bum » Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:54 am

I think there is some plausibility to it. Much better than the usual fare on that site.

I'd like to find the tomb of Genghis Khan, talk about a massive horde of treasure!
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