Will these new weapons start WW3 with Russia in 3 months?

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Re: Will these new weapons start WW3 with Russia in 3 months

Postby spacemonkey » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:20 am

gryphus wrote:The U.S. as well as it's allies will be supplying Ukraine with 1000 of these nasty artillery rounds. Each one is capable to taking out a tank from over 50 kms away, and can be fired with the conventional guns that Ukraine already has. Each shot is capable to taking out one tank, (and each projectile now has an accuracy of 0.5 meters since the systems were corrected last month.) In other words, each shot will take out a Russian tank for 50 kms away, guaranteed.
The U.S. will be using advanced drones, already being sent to Ukraine, to target the Russian tanks exact positions.

If you want to watch how insanely accurate these things are, watch this short video and be amazed:
"New Deadly Accurate GPS Guided Artillery, Excalibur by Raytheon"

Video from : youtube.com

So when Ukraine starts using these against Russian troops in a few months, will this start WW3 with Russia?

Wonder how long before that stuff is used on American soil?
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