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Postby Luke Skywalker » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:57 pm

micfranklin wrote:
Luke Skywalker wrote:
micfranklin wrote:Go Orioles!!!!

You guys are going to be tough for the Red Sox this year. 5-5. NOT exactly the start us New Englanders were hoping for. We'll see how Chris Sale pitches later this afternoon, at Fenway against Tampa Bay (must win, for us). Except for him, our pitching has been atrocious, to say the least. Being that many experts were/are picking the Sox to win their division this year, they simply have to pitch a lot better. True, David Price is still not back. But, would he really help us? Personally, if I were Dave Dombrowski, I may indeed give up Price for a few stellar young relief pitchers - his salary could cover that AND fund yet another baseball team.

Anyway, from what I've seen out of the Orioles so far, they are indeed the team to beat.

7-3 so far this year, not a bad start for us. I just hope that we stay consistently good all season long and not fall off after the All-Star game.

Big series coming up this weekend, starting tonight. :)

You guys probably have the upper hand tonight, with Bundy pitching - personally, I'll be more than happy if we take two of those games this weekend. We need to, because we host those Yankees next week. How about them, by the way? 9-1 the last ten games. Sheesh - what lit their tails on fire? Tough division, that's all I know and you guys are holding first place well (Orioles are still the team to beat).

We'll see what happens the next couple weeks - I think we play you guys again, for a 4 game series at Fenway soon (early May). Should be fun.


Cheers, my friend and hope you enjoy the games this weekend. :)
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