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Re: GoT

Postby Kane » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:15 pm

John Galt wrote:oh sure they might have a couple, but most of them will live. in LotR a couple people died, but it was happy ending. there shouldn't have any happy endings here.

arya needs to die at this point. she has had absolutely no consequences for her violence. D&D seem to think women empowerment means being "badass" and they've made all their female characters a bunch of "badass" mary sues, with arya being the worst

Cersei is literally the epitome of evil on this show. No idea what you're talking about here. Plus, the dorne sisters got owned (but that whole plot was so thin to begin with).

John Galt wrote:BUT she won't. the stark family started as the ones saying "he who passes the judgement swings the sword". hell, even crazy lysa arryn gave tyrion a trial. littelfinger got murdered in front of everyone and no one did anything. and nothing will happen, because violence gets you want you want now in GoT and has no consequences

I don't understand...go back to season one. The Lannisters started all of this shit with an insane amount of violence. Their consequences took a while to play out - give them one more season to flesh it out. They cast Tyrion in a strange light already - everybody is wondering what's going on there. That he walked free from Cersei is incredibly interesting and it could be for good reason. She had trouble killing Jaime but for good reason...who else does she have left?

John Galt wrote:this stems from people not liking complex characters. so they end up making everybody black and white, but generally "badass". arya is the worst. a complete psychopath people are rooting for her and think she's "badass". she has ridiclous sword fight with brienne of f**k tarth because apparently training for a few months in bravos is enough to know how to duel. this f**k show... now she walks around with her hands behind her back. flower of paradise. maybe she's the waif with arya's face? frankly it would be the most understandable thing at this point


Well, anyways...I think Dany is going to turn into Cersei. Once Jon finds out he's the true king and heir to the throne Dany will feel betrayed, divisions will rise, and Jon will be left in Winterfell to fight the white walkers without her help. Tyrion might try to back stab somebody or he might just side with Dany (calculating that dany is strong enough to take out Cersei on her own). Melisande is going to show up to help out Jon at the last moment but in doing so will solidify the animosity between Jon and Dany. Cersei might or might not die - Tyrion could help her out and they could try to capitalize off of the newfound divisions.

But really, watch this last season and look at Dany. She got colder and more ruthless up to coming into contact with Jon. Once they find out this shit is all going south. Tyrion could simply have been leery because he's afraid their love would screw up their sharpness and their judgment - he might be the one to tell them in order to break it off.

But everything I saw indicated to me that the last season is going to be a bloodbath that could end with whoever's left trying to hold King's Landing against the white walkers army.
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Re: GoT

Postby NAB » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:43 pm

Dany will die next season. Didn't a bunch of Targaryen women die in childbirth, including her own and Jon's? We all know Aegon knocked her up, so she'll be gone. The final episode will be about Aegon trying to muddle through as a single parent.
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Re: GoT

Postby John Galt » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:45 pm

Video from :
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