Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP, jobs and median wage

Re: Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP, jobs and median

Postby spacemonkey » Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:35 am

Supposn wrote:
spacemonkey wrote:Its a finite world with finite markets and resources. The illusion of perpetual growth will eventually be replaced by what can be sustained. Otherwise, our future don't look to bright. That's just the way things are when reality steps in because good intentions can go no further.

SpaceMonkey, USA’s markets are generally in flux. They’re in aggregate more changing rather than permanent. Why did you choose the word “finite” to describe USA’s aggregate domestic markets, and how does your post relate to USA’s net balances of global trade?

Respectfully, Supposn

Even the world market, as large as it seems, is still finite. That's why what can be maintained will eventually replace the illusion of never ending perpetual growth.
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