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Re: Healthcare Predictions

Postby exploited » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:17 pm

If they are on this forum, they didn't leave, by definition.

Ignoring that, your rebuttal has no logical relationship with what I said.

Thank you for proving my point.
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Re: Healthcare Predictions

Postby Spider » Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:29 am

fstarcstar wrote:
Spider wrote:
fstarcstar wrote:
Kane wrote:What does "fix patent system" even mean here?

Really? The fact that you know nothing of issues with patents, intellectual property or the FDA approval system in healthcare means you shouldn't be debating at all. ... sive-drugs don't get to make this post. Not ever. Its physiologically impossible to make my eyes roll that far. They are connected to the inside of my skull.

Maybe you should post a novel WITH SCREAMING CAPITAL LETTERS

What? A "novel"? God forbid anyone actually take a couple minutes to say something or read something longer than 140 characters. And we both know I don't break out the caps lock unless key sentences in my post are being repeatedly ignored in an effort to mischaracterize what I've said, at which point, yeah, I'll probably start emphasizing them ad nauseam. Sorry. Don't want me emphasizing words, don't purposefully ignore them.

and other jibberish about why you feel you own the debate on anything or have the right to determine who can say what.

...wut. do realize you have every bit as much ability to say whatever you want here as anyone else, right? Try it. Push some buttons on your keyboard. There. You see? Easy. I've got no "control" or "ownership" over any debates. I don't have any right to control what you say...ok wtf? What are you on about? Have you caught feelings about something?


...Honestly wtf? Seriously asking. :))
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Re: Healthcare Predictions

Postby spacemonkey » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:44 pm

1 Get a manufactured disease.
2 Get a manufactured cure.
3 Get a spot on a class action suit against the manufactured disease and manufactured cure.
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Re: Healthcare Predictions

Postby phosphide » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:21 pm

Kane wrote:Pretend you didn't just disregard my entire point - what would prevent regulatory capture on part of the corporations?

I saw what you and said and it's not important. If influence over government is your concern then certainly single-payer would be a disaster.

Kane wrote:By rates do you mean prices? What are you talking about here? Insurers negotiate with hospitals on every line item. It's why I call for total transparency in the process - insurers won't like that because it'll hit their bottom line. ... cares-cost

Yes I'm talking about price negotiations. Making it public would be cool but eliminating state boundaries, reducing payers, and reducing complexity with less contract language is the better solution. Here is how it works today: insurance company has a negotiated rate with every hospital in the country for every line-item (unless it's bundled charges based off the diagnosis or patient type). Do the math: every insurance company with every hospital for every line-item. It quickly becomes unstable especially for hospital systems to receive payment from the insurance companies because the contracts are so complicated. Not to mention there is nothing forcing the insurance companies to pay up except lawsuits arguing over complex contracts. Complexity is what makes insurance companies money, screws over hospitals, and makes things more expensive for patients. The complexity of contracts is what I'm trying to eliminate.

Over how long? What's the payment based on? Interest charged? I don't see how this reduces cost if you're elongating out the payment period for everybody affiliated. Instead of the hospital going after people that didn't pay they now have to track untold numbers of people and their payments to make sure they don't miss payments. If the cost associated is a chronic issue and the charges continue to rack up then you have a classic scenario where the principal and the interest continue to balloon because the person will, 10/10 times, choose life over bankruptcy.

(sigh) Kane, I want to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses and roll them into premiums - not setup a goddamn payment system. I want to eliminate point of service and bad-debt collections from hospitals onto patients and force claims to be resolved through payer and provider.

Kane wrote:Sure it does. It's not a tax/surcharge (it's a rebate to the affected party) but it's still a penalty for allocating funds in a specific manner that's not considered conducive to overall care. It's essentially the same thing, it's just constructed differently.

No, it's not. I want to hold hospitals to standards of healthcare metrics like mortality rates, medical errors (which is overlooked a lot), and malpractice.

Kane wrote:It might be worse than that. Agree 100% on this.

Good. Because it would happen in single-payer too so it needs to be addressed.

How would you fix it then?

Fstar's article did a decent job of summarizing it. Basically eliminate the extensive amount of protections that drugs are given and allow for competition.
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