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Re: US Infrastructure

Postby spacemonkey » Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:23 pm

Automated everything will get here eventually , but probably not as fast as many may think. The Concorde was also supposed to revolutionize air travel according to some experts. Turned out to be a museum piece. The issue is keeping money allocated for roads (tolls, wheel tax, assorted fees, etc) to actually go to the roads , and not become just another source for the general fund like social security has become.
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Re: US Infrastructure

Postby Saz » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:43 pm

John Galt wrote:you could have wifi most everywhere, under a national system, free to use. and i do think "giving it away", as in, paid by taxes, would be a brilliant idea. we already do it for roads, why not instead have all the data free, and have physical transport cost money? with the data everywhere we'd be able to find problems (like crashes) immediately and be able to divert traffic much more effectively when needed. add in automated cars and it would all work together beautifully. everyone would have to get their own devices to connect but once connected it would be a massive boon for the economy. the north american electric reliability corp oversees all american and canadian power lines, and some mexican. something similar would have some sort of oversight for all the fiber lines, with individual companies managing things at a local level, only difference would be that we'd operate it more like well, toll-less roads are today, with government paying the bills. the cost of being digitally connected is then instead transferred to the cost of being physically connected with the freedom of car travel

of course... at this point telecomm would be 100% against removing all competitors. but they could still compete for the government contracts

Eh, it's still to early. Getting there but stuff is still improving to quickly to waste hundreds of billions building out systems that will be obsolete well before they are even completed. WSJ had a great article on this, they are just getting around to the proper protocols and shit and it's really not ready. Better spend money just wiring places. Facebook will invent some drone shit anyway. You could do a lot more with tax credit and deregulation, just spending money would be an incredible waste.
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