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Frequently Asked Questions (a work in progress)

Q: How do I change the colors/layouts of the site when I log in?

A: Our site uses themes so the colors cannot be changed directly, however you can choose from one of the active styles by going to the User Control Panel then:
--->Board Preferences
---->Edit global settings (selected by default)
------>My board style

Q: Some of the styles look very different. Why is that?

A: The styles are based on either prosilver or subsilver2 format and they don't typically look exactly the same. Most of the board features are available on both, however Absolution and subsilver2, at this time, do not have full board features, such as Donate and Social media link options in the User Control Panel. As time permits, we will update these so they are fully featured.

Q: Will other styles be added in the future?

A: Its possible, however this site has a bit of custom code and it would take a while to get another style added in. It doesn't mean we won't do it, however we probably won't have a bunch of styles to choose from and just add them in as people request. If there is a good deal of want for another style, we will try to accommodate the popular demand.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Most of your account specific options can be changed in:
->User Control Panel

Password change is located in the Edit account settings section of your User Control Panel. Other things like links to websites, adding an avatar, adding various IM accounts, etc can be changed in various areas of the Profile.

Q: Why don't I get a pop-up box telling me I have a new PM?

A: This is an option that can be set to yes or no by individuals:
->User Control Panel
--->Board Preferences
----->Edit global settings (selected by defalt)
------->Pop up window on new private message

Q: I keep getting annoying emails for Thanks and PMs. Can I turn this off?

A: Yes, this can be turned off on an individual basis
->User Control Panel
--->Board Preferences
----->Edit global settings
There are two options available here on when to receive PMs - you can turn both off and the emails should stop.

Q: Can I be notified when a new post is made in a thread I am discussing?

A: You can. A user can subscribe to a topic at the very bottom of a page (Subscribe Topic) to receive notifications when new posts are made.

Q: What if I don't want to follow it any more?

A: You can unsubscribe just as you subscribed, in the same place.

Q: I don't like seeing posts from a certain poster. Can I ignore them?

A: Yes, you can ignore any non-staff member:
->User Control Panel
--->Friends & Foes
----->Manage Foes
Add a name into the text box and hit Submit to put them on the Foe list, which ignores posts from that user. Admins and Moderators cannot be ignored.

Q: I don't like words being censored. Is there a way to turn that off?

A: You can turn off the word censor by going to:
->User Control Panel
--->Board preferences
----->Edit display options
------->Enable word censoring (No)

Q: The chat at the bottom of the main page keeps making noises. How do I turn that off?

A: There is two ways - one is on the chat box itself. There is a checkbox for "Use sound?" Uncheck it. Or, you can disable it in your User Control Panel:
->User Control Panel
-----Enable mChat sound

Q: I keep getting this annoying page that comes up saying someone else has posted when I go to post. Can I disable this?

A: Yep! Go to:
->User Control Panel
--->Board Preferences
----->Edit posting defaults
------->Enable post review
Yes means you get a warning page and it will show you which posts have been made since you last posted. No means your post goes straight into the thread.

Q: OK, I just read this really awesome thread - is there a way to link it to my Facebook wall?

A: Indeed there is! On the very first post of each thread, at the very top, there are 3 small icons - Facebook, Twitter, and Digg. You can click them to quickly link the thread into your social media of choice.

Q: I don't want people bugging me the second I log on. Is there a way to hide my online status from others?

A: Absolutely! You can hide your online status from all other posters, but Mods and Admins will be able to see you still. To hide/show your online status:
->User Control Panel
--->Board Preferences
----->Edit Global Settings
------->Hide my online status (yes to hide, no to be visible)

Q: I see so many new threads and posts that I'm not interested in reading, how can I show them being read to clear out the highlighted icons without having to open each and every one?

A: It is simple. Every time a new thread or post is made it flags the thread and the forum it to alert you it's new. On the main index page there is a link to Mark Forums Read and in each sub-forum there is a link to Mark Topics Read. This saves you a lot of time.
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