How to solve the Israel-Palestine problem

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Re: How to solve the Israel-Palestine problem

Postby Doncorelone » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:57 pm

Yrkoon wrote:
Doncorelone wrote:
well, I don't presume that they wouldn't be. but comparing that to the continuous onslaught, murder, destruction, injuries, and general dealings that Palestinians have with the occupied forces is a different ball game all together. so when Israel pretends it's for peace, then decides that the best response to rockets that at the time had killed no one, was to obliterate Gaza and then have a land invasion which has seen 100's in the course of a day being killed, then they claim it's defense and it's Palestinians who are the terrorists, then excuse me if I find it all a big joke when they say they want 'peace' and to get rid of terrorism, they are merely breeding more of it, and they know it.

So by that account, it's ok for Palestinians to strike back because they're the weaker side, just keep brushing their comparable brutal actions against Israeli civilians under the carpet. :-bd

Comparable Brutal actions :))

Yup, nothing brutal about a suicide bombing on a bus in Tel Aviv. %-(
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Re: How to solve the Israel-Palestine problem

Postby Fletcher Dalton » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:42 am

Doncorelone wrote:Easy, make Israel withdraw to 1967 borders, and then place international (US, EU) troops in a buffer zone to keep both sides seperate for a period of 50 years. Palestinians get the chance to build their own state, and Israel gets added security guarantees because of the buffer zone.

Why hasn't anyone done this.

Nobody cares about lives of civil population on the Middle East. Iraqi campaigns and strife between Israel and Hamas are turning the Middle East into pieces.
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