US and EU reject China’s bid for “market economy” status

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US and EU reject China’s bid for “market economy” status

Postby reedak » Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:35 am

1.  I found an interesting poll at

Adam Bakhtiar‏
The US rejects China’s request for “market economy” status, giving the world’s largest economy more leeway to slap duties on cheap Chinese exports. Trump also wants China to help it contain #NorthKorea. Is this the right approach to Sino-US relations and containing North Korea?
- Yes, China abuses trade

- No, US is kidding itself

- North Korea wins the day

- Nobody wins in the end

2.  About three weeks after Trump's "state visit-plus" to China which Chinese President Xi Jinping described as "a new historic starting point" for Sino-US relations, the US joined the EU  to formally reject China’s bid to be treated as a “market economy” under global trading rules.

Like the fool in my political satire who gave away his 2,000-year-old family heirloom for nothing, it seems that Xi has treated the wrong person to dinner inside the Forbidden City after all.

Like the dotard in my political satire who tread a delicate path on a narrow bridge and stood a high chance of being dragged down by his "sick puppy" into the deep gorge below, there is a danger that China could "plunge" deep into its tragic past if it lets itself to be dragged by its North Korean small brother (or more accurately, Big Brother) into a second but last Korean War in the future. ... 461_1.html ... na-led-sds


viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6280 ... sick-puppy ... 860986.htm ... 739892.htm
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Re: US and EU reject China’s bid for “market economy” status

Postby Saz » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:55 am

It really is a farce. The WTO has been destroyed by CHINA, not a single new round of talks since they joined. They are obviously not a market economy and in fact the Chinese position doesn't even seem to argue that China is a market economy. They just say they were promised market economy status shortly after WTO entry and so now it should be given to them. It would destroy all meaning and be the final nail in the coffin for WTO.
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