Chinese hackers soon will steal everything

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Re: Chinese hackers soon will steal everything

Postby reedak » Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:06 am

xdangerousxdavex wrote:

As you can remember, first they claimed Chinese hackers stole data of 4 million of state employees. Now it’s 18 million and maybe more, up to 30 million!
If you’ve seen this news about Chinese hacking attacks on the reliable sources, share it. They don’t know when hackers stole information, they don’t know how much info was stolen. But they definitely need to report it to citizens to raise another stink. Ridiculous are the media lies.

If you go to China and start hacking American websites from there, others would think you are a Chinese. Similarly, if your friends go to China and start hacking foreign websites from there, others will take them as Chinese.

Just use your brain. If you are a thief, are you so stupid to leave your footprints from the scene of the crime all the way to your house?

If you want to get your enemy into trouble, one way is to commit a crime and create a trail of blood all the way from the scene of crime to your enemy's doorstep. Just remember, you don't find Chinese only in China nowadays. China has trade ties with countries all over the world. There are Koreans, Japanese, Indians, Arabs, Africans, Americans, Britons, French, Germans, Russians and other Europeans doing business in China.
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