New Group Created - Dissidents

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New Group Created - Dissidents

Postby uebermann » Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:55 pm

Hello all,

Due to some increased concerns about the posting habits of some of the members of this board (and a huge jump in reported posts lately), we have decided to create a new member group on the board called Dissidents.

The Dissidents group is a disciplinary group in which all of your posts must be approved by a moderator or admin before it is shown on the board. Posts which break the board rules will either be edited then approved by a mod/admin and show up on the forum, or it will be disapproved and deleted. There is no set time limit on how long a member might remain in this group - it solely depends on how the member acts. If we are not having to edit/disapprove posts as much, then its more likely the member will be let out at an earlier date. If we still have problems, the member will likely stay in the group for a while.

This is only going to be used for those that have been suspended/PB'ed multiple times and continue to violate the board rules at a fairly constant rate.

Questions or concerns about this group should be discussed in the Feedback forum.

Thank you.
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